QR Codes for Real Estate

The #1 QR solution for real estate professionals.

Stay competitive. Grow your customer base. Sell more houses.


Make your marketing interactive! 

Create engaging marketing by adding unique Flowcode QR Codes to each of your materials

  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing with our QR analytics dashboard. 
  • Collect contact information from buyers and add them to your CRM. 
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Flowcode QR Codes Help You Sell More Houses! 


01 Buyer Contact Collection

Ditch the pen and paper, collect contact information in seconds!

  • Offer a contactless way to collect information from leads at open houses
  • Give guests an easy way to access digital handouts after they leave the open house

Pro Tip: Add a Flowcode to your business cards so clients can connect to all your accounts, listings, phones, and email. All with one scan!


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02 Host all your links in one place

Organizes all your links in one mobile-first landing page called Flowpage. 

Link to all your listings, Open house schedules, Virtual tours, Contact collection, Social media profiles

Pro Tip: Create a unique Flowpage for each of your listings so that potential buyers can access all the information they need in one place! 


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03 Connect with buyers, 24/7

Adding a Flowcode QR Code to your existing lawn signs or window decals can increase sales by 25%. 

  • Share listing details, virtual tours, and video content.
  • Instantly share your contact information with buyers. 
  • Instant house registration signups. 

Pro Tip: Use the Smart Rules tool to automatically redirect scanners to call your office on the weekdays, or text your cell on the weekends.  


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Try Flowcode Pro for FREE

Get Flowcode Pro free for 1 month and access amazing features to better connect with your customers and grow your business!

  • A custom QR code design
  • 10 Flowpages
  • Unlimited codes that never expire
  • Advanced Flowcode and Flowpage Analytics
  • Bulk code creation
  • Premium Customer Service
  • ...and more!
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Why should I add QR Codes to my listings? 

Adding QR codes to your listing instantly connects buyers to all your sales materials so they can quickly make decisions on all your available properties. Share virtual tours, details on the community, listings for other available properties, and collect contact information from potential buyers.

Where should my QR Code scan to?

Any digital destination you can imagine. Share listing details, your social accounts, community information, other available homes, and so much more. With Flowpage, our mobile link sharing page, you can host all your links in one place so you don't have to choose. Add one QR code to your packaging and your customers can access your entire digital universe. 

How do I customize my QR Code?

When you create your Flowcode QR code, you'll be able to customize colors, add your logo, and add calls to action like "Scan Me" so clients know how to engage with your content. Flowcode Pro members have access to a custom-designed QR code, created by one of our in-house designers to compliment your brand and elevate your marketing.

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